PCEARTH-SALE.COM  provides expert customer service and billing support, 24/7 for a variety of Internet vendors and merchants to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. If PCEARTH-SALE.COM is on your statement, it is most likely because either you or someone in your household purchased one of the digital products. Around the time of the purchase, either you or the family member who made the purchase should have received an email detailing the purchase.

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Terms of sale:

* Your purchase will appear on your bank statement under the name PCEARTH-SALE.COM
* The geographic location of your computer has been determined and recorded. All attempts at fraud will be prosecuted.



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For Billing Questions or Refunds:

Please email us at support@earth-members.com to ask us any information regarding a charge on your credit card. When contacting us please make sure to provide the transaction number of your purchase as well as the email address you used when purchasing our services.

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If you have lost your username and password please click on the following link to receive direct access to the members area: http://earthmembersarea.com/ma/earth/

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For all technical support simply email us at support@earth-members.com